Man that’s so unfortunate, exactly these dates there is nothing going on.


Nope, that week is dead. You chose exactly the only no-action week in Berlin for the whole year.


I can’t tell if people are being serious or not haha is honestly dead the entire week?




Is there a reason for this?


As others mentioned, the French have their national holiday (Bastille Day) and Berlin celebrates together with Paris. We are [partner cities](https://www.berlin.de/rbmskzl/politik/internationales/staedtepartnerschaften/) after all.


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Sorry, that's the "no techno berlin week". Very unfortunate choice of dates


In solidarity with the French, during the week of July 14th all clubs and bars play Georges Brassens exclusively. Also, if the police catch you playing techno that week, they’ll force you to spend the night at Matrix. Be warned


I don‘t know how Matrix can survive I never heard someone say anything good about this club :D


Tourists and thirsty men who weren’t allowed to enter anywhere else


Mate it's a weekend in summer in Berlin....how can you say that nothing is going on. Just because you don't recognise any famous names on RA doesn't mean there isn't a ton of incredible events. And actually there's quite a few international acts that weekend. Just look at the clubs and event vibes that you want to check out, there's literally 15-20 events to choose from all weekend. People here don't tend to go clubbing for the headliners as much as for the club, its regular, the event organiser or label. Not to say that they don't know who'll be playing, but outside of touristy clubs and Berghain you probably won't recognise the artists as much as you would in another European capitals. Berlin is more underground in spirit, and people go to dance with people, not at a famous DJ. Embrace the unknown, and try something out, you won't be disappointed wherever you go. A few places that I really like in case you need a place to start: Sisyphos, Kater Blau, Humboldtain, Ritter Butzke, about blank, sage beach, kitkat, Aeden, Birgit, Renate, Gretchen, Paloma, Club de visionaere, Hoppetosse, Mensch Meier. Can't really go wrong with any of these, but obviously read up about the type of clubs they are before deciding where to go. That or it's a full week of daft punk and Brassens I dunno


Thanks for this reply! I was considering cancelling my trip due to what I heard but I doubt it’s going to be as quiet as people are saying, Anomalie Club have a really good line-up on the 15th so I’m going to head to that for sure!


oh no man, everyone here telling you it's a dead week is taking the piss lmao. And really, try not to focus on the lineups, Berlin has nightlife like nowhere else, let the night do its magic you'll love it. Plus it'll be great weather, there's heaps of stuff to do and see during the day. Don't hesitate to dm me if you need some recommendations, ill be partying all the time that week so I'd be happy to catch a drink if you fancy it


Haha ya I wasn’t too sure if they were or not... I was only in Tresor when I visited a couple of years ago so I want to make an effort to experience more clubs this time, I’m really into quick hypnotic techno so I’m definitely going to go to Anomalie on the 15th due to the style being played that night, but if you would have any recommendations for this type of stuff I’d appreciate it! :)


ahah never tell berliners the city is sleeping ;) Anomalie is a great time! Ill send ya some recommendations once the date nears, always some stuff comes up week before so can't tell so much right now, but quick hypnotic techno will defo not be lacking !


It’s my birthday on 15th but I won’t have a party this year cause of the French stuff but yeah


You could ride in a circle in the Ringbahn and enjoy the sights


Oh mate what an unfortunate timing, action resumes at the 19th of July. I am afraid before that there is absolutely nothing going on. 14th - 18th of July is f\*ck it we're just sleeping week. :( National holidays.


just check [RA.co](https://RA.co)


Here's a tip - if you're into your house & disco head down to The Disco Express party at Crack Bellmer on 15th July, always a great vibe and crowd! https://ra.co/events/1536348